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Welcome to Simba Vapes, your premier destination for bulk buying R and M Vape products in the UK! Whether you're a retailer looking to stock your shelves with the latest vape accessories or an individual enthusiast seeking to save on your favorite vaping essentials, we've got you covered.

The R and M Tornado 7000 Puffs is a vaping marvel in a compact package. With a 7000-puff capacity, it's perfect for vapers who prefer long-lasting performance and robust flavors. These disposables are pre-filled with a variety of exciting flavors, ensuring you never get bored with your vaping experience.

For those who demand even more from their disposables, the R and M Tornado 9000 Puffs is the ultimate choice. With an extended capacity, you can enjoy an extended vaping experience. These disposables maintain the same compact design and rich flavors, making them a favorite among vapers looking for something extra.

If you're seeking the pinnacle of vaping power, the R and M Tornado 10,000 Puffs disposable vape is your ideal companion. With an impressive 10,000-puff capacity, it's built to last, providing you with an extended vaping experience like no other. These disposables are designed to ensure you're never left wanting more.

Simba Vapes is committed to providing high-quality vaping products that our customers can rely on. We take pride in offering a wide range of options to suit different preferences. Our R and M Tornado bulk buy options ensure that you have a consistent supply of premium disposables at cost-effective prices.